Opinion: on Trending Trends

Such a desperation on a substandard thing.

Never Before… Here After… #FacePalm for the new ways we hide the truths.

If something is valuable or Worthy enough it will take its course of success.

Too much spamming via Robo calls, emails, SMS, App notifications…

When we have nothing to do, what will self proclaimed architects and companies do?

Tinker around with the existing databases, access controls, create useless use cases, new dbs, complicate things in the name of easing out something - survive on public money.

So much access and data control going into the hands of bad boys?

The state of affairs of growth and technology adoption.

Your Business partners reflect your business practices and ethics.

Ethical Practices and Conduct: We maintain a personal blacklist of people and brands whom we keep at bay at the cost of anything.

Do you also?

Sending PR is a skill and conveying the emotion to cover it is another, especially to those who work only with passion. Most agencies, people lack it. Wonder what training they undertake. It looks like, we need to write an Analysis on how to send PRs too. :disappointed_relieved:

It looks like this Block has no other work. Every day some or the other mess, backed by illogical arguments and vested interests. Rather than focusing on things that matter, these minds waste everyone’s time and resources. There is no point in dealing with such kinds going forward.

Opinion: No wonder why most of the over-hyped new age so-called unicorns are fading away eventually. First, there is no substance or future for those ‘whatever’. Days are not far when these horses need to say Hi to real fate and the fake valuations cherished over time to enter what so ever lists!