Opinion: Google's Help Communities and Product Experts Program


We always look for an opportunity or possibility of a productive angle and post our in-depth opinions. We may not be involved in certain things directly, but we take utmost care not to break or interrupt something that serves a purpose.

Though we may not be continuing with age-old service accounts, we have been on the internet space for a while now. Most of us use Google’s services and definitely the geek in us will go an extra mile. We have created this thread to share our experiences with Google’s Help Communities, especially with its so-called Badged ‘Product Experts’ Program members.

Whatever the intention of this 'Products Experts program is, in our experience, we only feel this is a flawed recognition system and practice.

Maybe Google’s Community managers should learn a thing or two from the then Nokia’s (Mobiles division) Community Handling team. They are the gold standard in handling communities during 2008 it self.

May be, whenever possible, we will share here how we feel this current culture of product experts community is hindering the growth or innovation or quality of products/services delivered from google.

No wonder ‘Why’. Of course, we have experienced there are bad elements in the community too ganged up and acting as per interests. Not sure if Google is aware or blind eyed until its interests are safe.

Until then, hey geeky girls team, if you are also a part of those help communities, you can share your experiences here.

It looks like Google News don’t want to change or will never change or cannot change. It is better for google news to shut down! They are doing more harm than good in our opinion.

If it goes like this, it’s just a matter of time. We hope Google will be careful.

Also noticing specific media houses and the kind of stories they are refreshing on purpose. Taking a note of everything.