Opinion : 5G and the Consumer Experience

Opinion: Not so positive, encouraging, or developing scenario of telecom from the past few years. Thanks to …

Putting aside the decision to allow private captive networks, the consumers will have nothing major to experience except the ‘5G’ Network logo on their devices, at least considering the current scenarios.

Repeat: As of now.

We have experienced 1Gbps Fiber, and as a consumer, even if we get 500Mbps on mobile internet, nothing much would change in an experience perspective for an end consumer.

Agree there are benefits of less latency on 5G. Although, certain aspects are negligible for an end consumer, Enterprises can benefit if there are actually some use cases they tend to use and benefit.

Anyways, wishing all the best for the telcos, investors and consumers for the upcoming #5G Auctions.


The menace of Private 5G Networks - Maybe another new ‘episode’ unfolding?

Before we envisage something, are the words - Back channel, Loopholes, Smokescreen - worth recollecting? Not sure, but keep them handy.

As the scenario is understood, considering the technicalities and other factors involved, we feel no company would get spectrum via the auction route when other easier and shorter ways are available just for provisioning Private 5G Networks. Unless other plans are around consumer mobility, it doesn’t make sense. So, we can envisage two scenarios any company can pursue if there are other plans:

  1. In the name of Private 5G Network, set up infra, which will take a significant amount of time, create an enthusiastic case, and hype around the same via news. After a few years, once things are ready, show it as an experience, and announce that due to requests and demand, starting ABC services.
  2. After a significant time, explore any takeover opportunities.

Right or wrong, only time and prevailing scenarios can answer!