Youtube just stirred a hornet's nest

Fairly played, YouTube never promised or asked anyone to dedicate their efforts or time on their platform. Everyone enjoyed the honeymoon period and now YT creators feel the policy is flawed.

In-fact, I feel so ashamed to even think of YT creation as a mode of employment.

Opinions are welcomed.

I have also observed one thing which is happening. To promote certain videos and break records, certain videos which needs to be promoted massively always come on the home page so that users end up clicking and the respective media houses or video owners can announce their views or likes records.

From past 3+ months, every time I open youtube, I definitely had - Butta Bomma (Telugu song) on the home page irrespective of not logged in account, cleared cache and all browsing history on all of my friends or family accounts on different devices. This shows the nature of records created or claimed. I guessed this is all for trying a new record and few days back, there is a news that certain video has broken its past record.