Site Announcements

Site Announcement :

Intermittent Issues with the Hosting Provider and hence you may be facing connectivity issues. We are working with the host to get this fixed asap.

Update : Issues are taken care and situation appears to be fine now. We will keep you posted here.

Update: There was an unexpected downtime on 15th Mar (started early morning at around 5:30 am IST). Though the downtime is out of the scope of our control, we figured out multiple reasons in our root cause analysis and are completely aware of the overall functionality, performance and scenario.

While we always equip ourselves with multiple plans and strategies, due to market dynamics and changing landscape, we need to change the direction too and have changed our priorities and execution for now. So, while the branding remains the same, whatever you see, and experience (the website look and feel, community integration with website) is a prototype, which helps us with the feedback. The next time we make a significant revamp you will experience it all by your self. We have a much broader vision and are planning and working on it to put a check on specific dependencies, and some incidents are unavoidable during the course.

We will keep you updated here.

System Status Update : DC Hosting Incident

Service interruption on the server/DC. Users will experience service degradation as a result. Hosting Provider is investing the root cause.

+Incident 2 : Data Centre : Connectivity Issues Reported

Network connectivity issue reported in data center.

We will update when both the INCs are resolved.

Incident 1 has been corrected and services should be back online.

Currently any connectivity issues are related to the Incident 2 reported - Data Center Connectivity Issues

INC 2 has been corrected, but the Service Provider has reported few glitches with other services/modules dependent on connectivity.

As a result users would be experiencing difficulties with Post Sharing feature.

The TAT is 24 Hours

Update : All known Issues related to the above 2 INCs are resolved as of now.