Have you ever been a victim of body-shaming?

Have you ever been a victim of body-shaming? Campaign #imperfectlyperfect, started by actress Sameera Reddy, leaves us with a bubble of thought when she indicates that women were mean to her in her growing years. They would constantly judge her right after pregnancy. No one spoke to her about her postpartum depression & heavyweight, which was very disturbing. !

Pic Credit (Sameera Reddy Instagram)

It’s time we open up about such critical issues to lift each other up and not throw our weight around other women who are trying to pull themselves out of problems. Mommies don’t chase the checklist of Louis Vuitton bags or the full-time nanny you have or how you are back to size zero after a pregnancy. Because that’s not real. What’s real is having true friends, family, kids who love you and women who support each other under such circumstances.

Let’s support and not judge what we look for in other women. Let’s be more authentic in our roles. Do buzz me your thoughts to build a community where women support more women.

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