Anxiety Is Real. Talk Only If You Have A Real Healing Solution For It

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The pandemic has confined us within four walls, and it has put a lot of pressure on our mental health. Last year, same time, when the lockdown hit, I was going through a rough patch, and soon I realised it’s more than a “phase”. After months of struggle, I finally decided to seek help but…

Depression and Anxiety are concerning issues. Only the one going through can understand. Mutual support do help. Listening to the person going through also helps.
After all we are humans and need helping hand in times of need.

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Very true, Chandana. These issues need proper attention and education. The lack of it has already caused more harm and awareness will help people to be more vocal about it.


agreed; and the pandemic has added more woes to the already bad situation. :persevere:

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Relations and closed ones are passing away with various reasons due to the virus. Need of the hour to be strong. Anxiety, depression and restlessness overtake us. Need inner peace and mental stability.

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Depression kills.
Here I witnessed a 34-year-old covid patient who was about to discharge from the hospital within a week or so, passed away due to depression by living with a dead body next to his bed for 2 days.
This is the negligence of the hospital staff for not shifting the dead body from there.
Sometimes even our self-confidence fails.
Awareness of this type of situations is important.

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I’m so overwhelmed to hear this again, it pains me that this is the ground reality.
It took me alot of courage to write on all this based on my personal experience but I’m glad to see people responding to it in a positive manner.
Our mind is an important part of our body and how we feel impacts our well being greatly.
Hoping people realise this soon and be kind to all kinds.